domingo, 12 de julio de 2009

Carmageddon PC

Interplay changed the violent in games back in 1997, they added something new: violent and a driving game in one, we have seen this before in games like Quarantine but in this game it's different, now you even get points and time when you kill someone. Many of us will remember the great classic Carmageddon. This wicked driving game isn't just like any others, this one is special, I'll explain this in this review. Also, when you start the game you'll see a movie which will give you an impression about what this game is all about, I can't say this game has a real story but the movies just give it an extra special touch.

The graphics are acceptable for its age but they could be much better, games like Ignition, Tomb Raider 2 and Moto Racer had much better graphics than this classic. Too bad that the background scenery shows up too late so you must have good reflexes. Some scenery and people are also blurred up which is not good, but also in this case it's good enough for its age. The smoke and the slips are very well done, the scenery around you isn't good at all, but unless this 'crappy graphics' it really gives a special feeling when you kill people or animals on the sidewalk. When your car or your opponent's car is broken, you can see that all the parts of his (or your) car are flying around. It is funny to see when you drive into a car and it goes up in flames and your car is still working fine of course, otherwise it's not funny at all. Just a little hint to stay alive: you can repair your car during the race by using the backspace button. Like I said before the people and animals are mostly blurred up but when you drive over them you'll see blood all around your screen which makes this game dirty and cool. The background is okay, it gives you an extra impression of where you are. In overall the graphics are acceptable but could be much better. A cool extra is a special 'garage' menu effect which is nice, in the garage you can upgrade your car, just like in other classics like Quarantine and Death Rally.

Now, onto the gameplay. The game is quite hard to complete but every time you get new cars and buy better parts it makes it easier to complete the game or win a race. The controls are a little bit unique: you've to use the numlock keys (8,4,6 and 2) to drive. You can also make great slips to drive people over and you'll get a bonus for that like points and time. Here are a few points what won't make this game boring: Great slips and combos to drive over people. It is just great when you drive of a hill and land on someone, or on an animal, very realistic! Another original thing is that every car is unique and has its own ups and downs, for example the truck of Don Dumpster is very strong but on the other side it's very slow. Also, when you bump against a wall, the person you are, displayed on the left will move its head and say something, this is very cool and funny.

The sound acting is also something unique. You'll hear people scream and when you drive over them you'll hear a splatter sound. The person who you are says funny stuff like when you drive over somebody he or she will say something like: 'Grrr....' or 'Come and get me', very original and funny.

In overall this is a great classic, no doubt about that. You can check out different cars and a shipload of tracks. Okay, the graphics could be better, but the sounds and the gameplay makes it worth a try. If you have enough credits, download this game, is Dr. XShadow's advise. Carmageddon contains tons of action and you won't be disappointed. So, hang on to your helmet!

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